INTERLUDE CITY is a story of love, loss and faith, the dramatic film of the life-changing interactions of three emotionally vulnerable characters and their spiritual journey to atonement against fate and adversities, set on the mysterious, stunning island of Patmos.

The gripping story takes place on the remote and holy Greek island of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea. Beneath the shadow of the monastery that dominates the austerely beautiful island, three main characters are driven together as they each seek redemption but find that their fates are shockingly intertwined.

The characters are: Daphne, a former opera singer; Theodrick, an American priest; and Esteban, a wounded bullfighter. Daphne has returned to Patmos to overcome a trauma and determine whether there is any hope for her future. Having detached from society, she must come to terms with her painful memories as she encounters two mysterious men, who are as different as life and death. Theodrick is searching for a modern understanding of Saint John’s revelation.

His encounter with Daphne challenges his devotion to God and forces him to question the limits of love. Meanwhile, Esteban has come here to heal and to re-evaluate his life. He finds refuge in Daphne’s dark and passionate world, and ultimately plays a pivotal role in Daphne’s life.

The actions and past sins of all three characters now deeply affect the others’ lives. INTERLUDE CITY reveals a circle of life that lies beyond ordinary comprehension. Traversing individual crisis and personal drama, our three leads are taken on a journey that will irrevocably change each of them forever.